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DJ Shnootz - Click to view profile DJ Shnootz - Fall to Pieces
Added: 07/09/2012
Styles: Acid, Psy-Trance
Downloads: 137
Filesize: 148.02 mb
Duration: 64:40
Bitrate: 320 kbit/s

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DJ's Comments
Hey, everyone. So, this is the last mix that I can guarantee for the foreseeable future, though it is fair to say that I am already ahead of the game with my schoolwork, so a set in the next month or so isn’t impossible. Basically, I’ll just play it by ear, so to speak.

Anyway, please enjoy this mix of twisted, highly acidic, and downright dirty Goa trance – it is mind-bending stuff, for sure. The samples are all from an episode of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, in which he discusses the planet Venus.

Peace for now,

Cosmosis – Brainwaves – Transient
Menis – The Drugs Do Work (Live Mix) – Koyote
Talamasca – Halloween – 3D Vision
Elixir – Twisted Jet – 3D Vision
Cosmosis – Sanyacid – Transient
Cosmosis – Key to the Innerverse – Transient
Cosmosis – Psychofunk – Transient
Cosmosis – Higher Access – Transient
Prana – Indigo (Remix) – Matsuri
Cosmosis – Moonshine – Transient
Alien vs. the Cat – My House (Alien vs. the Cat Remix) – H20 [White]

Comments  (New comments have been disabled)

Hello again!
So, I am actually a HUGE classical music fan, as well (my favorite composers are Dvorak, Khachaturian, Wolfgang Mozart, and of course, Beethoven, who is my very favorite, just above Dvorak). And I listen to many other genres of non-EDM music. So I definitely appreciate organic melodies and the subtleties of classical music (and not just Western classical music, either).

And as for the aural oscillation, yeah, I agree that it sound very good, especially on a high-quality sound system. Although the technique is found in a variety of genres, including recent psy-trance, I think it is most prominent in old-school Goa, like the kind found in this mix (as most of the tracks are pre-2000).

Anyway, I enjoy hearing peoples ideas and opinions, so cheers on the communique. :)

DJ Shnootz (Mon 10 Sep 2012)    DJ Shnootz's website  

But you missed my other comments. I did enjoy how the artist used the full stereo spectrum and had sounds oscillating constantly back and forth from ear to ear but this one did not use the full frequency range to play with our emotions, ie, the psychological nature of the thing.

What with the technology we have today there are some artists that are not using that technology to titillate the ears. Although an "amateur" I consider myself an audiophile because my interest in sound goes back to the days of quadraphonics. Quad failed because it was not cost effective but it took George Lucas of Star Wars to discover a system that would fly! I "loved" quad but it was cumbersome and needed to much equipment. And the decoders were not fine tuned enough. Although my forte is classical I do like to put the headset on and listen to some techno, psy-trance, and trance occasionally.
Hang in there,
David Ridge (Sun 9 Sep 2012)      

Well, David, I must admit, putting samples (not "narration"; for narration, see D.D.R.'s track, The Gift -- THAT'S narration) in my mixes gives me more joy and satisfaction than just about anything else in life (or at least, in my musical life).

So, while I appreciate that some people (such as yourself) may not be a fan of the samples, I must apologize -- because I love them, and won't stop including them anytime soon.

Thanks for listening, though.
DJ Shnootz (Sun 9 Sep 2012)    DJ Shnootz's website  

Could do without the narration! Excellent stereo spectrum. Enjoyed the oscillation from era to ear.
David Ridge (Sat 8 Sep 2012)      2 stars

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