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Added: 18/08/2012
Styles: Psy-Trance, Acid
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Filesize: 172.2 mb
Duration: 75:14
Bitrate: 320 kbit/s

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Hey, everyone.

Here is another tripped out and fairly acidic mix of Goa trance. This is peak-time, mind-bending stuff, for sure. The samples are all from an episode of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. However, I should mention that a little part of one of the samples – where Sagan suggests that all life on Earth depends on the sun’s energy – is technically incorrect, though Sagan himself mentioned this oversight in the special features of the DVD release of Cosmos. Put simply, there are organisms – appropriately named extremophiles – which can live in very deep (under the ground or ocean), very hot, very cold, very acidic, and/or very salty environments (environments which would kill most species on Earth), and some of these bacteria-like creatures (most are actually Archaea, one of the three main sub-divisions of life on Earth) do not need or receive any of the sun’s energy, given their deep/extreme locations (near super-hot deep-sea vents, hot geysers, etc.).

Nevertheless, Sagan’s essential point from the episode of Cosmos is still valid – the sun provides energy and thus life for most species on our planet, including our own.

Anyway, please enjoy the mix. Peace for now

X-Dream – Brain Forest – Blue Room Released
Astral Projection – Flying into a Star (Ast-Roid Remix) – Transient
Etnica – Full On – Blue Room Released
Unconscious Collective – Flourostani Transcendence – Jumpin’ & Pumpin’
Etnica – Starship 101 – Blue Room Released
Astral Projection – Another World – Velvet/Nova Tekk
Astral Projection – Mahadeva ’99 – Velvet/Nova Tekk
Bypass Unit – Zenia (Fat Freddy 97 Remix) – Hypnotic
Astral Projection – Trance Dance (Astral Projection Remix) – Velvet/Nova Tekk
Bypass Unit – Tunnel Flotation (Final Version 97) – Hypnotic
Astral Projection – Free Tibet (Free Spirit Remix) – Transient

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I forgot a track! After Starship 101, but before Another World, is:
Astral Projection - Virtual Booster - Transient

Sorry about that!

DJ Shnootz
DJ Shnootz (Fri 24 Aug 2012)    DJ Shnootz's website  

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