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Added: 02/05/2008
Style: UK/Happy Hardcore
Downloads: 7073
Filesize: 91.6 mb
Duration: 66.4
Bitrate: 192 kbit/s

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All tracks written / remixed, produced and engineered by S3RL

1 - Intro
2 - I Kiss feat J3SS (Tokyo Ghetto Pussy) - Relentless Digital
3 - Keep On Ravin Baby (VIP mix) - Executive Records
4 - Everybody Sing (Doda) - TBA
5 - Pretty Rave Girl feat S3RL - Relentless Records S3RL EP
6 - Save You (TC & Next Level) - Executive Digital
7 - Come On Do It - Executive Digital
8 - You're Shining (Breeze & Styles) TBA
9 - Feel The Flow feat J3SS - Executive Digital
10 - In2 Overdrive - Relentless Records S3RL EP
11 - Fer Sure (The Medic Droid) - TBA
12 - Crank It Louder - Executive Digital
13 - Alternate (RBA) - Relentless Digital
14 - Neon Genesis - Relentless Digital
15 - 720 Suicide (Wovn) - Relentless Digital
16 - DEVIL - Executive Records

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yeah, man, this really cooooool
Dj_Alex (Tue 13 Jul 2010)    Dj_Alex's website  5 stars

OMFG!!! awsome as. cant get enough of it
Kate (Tue 8 Dec 2009)      5 stars

Cheers from Seattle! Outstanding mix man, the style is really like that of Dj Morgan, completely perfect high NRG beats and psy sounds. I love it and the damn website won't let me give it more than 5 stars. Keep at it!
Creeper (Sun 11 Oct 2009)      5 stars

dude ur fucking sweet man cant wait to see u on may 28th man its going to be sweet ur amazing keep it up
ryan hinderliter (Tue 21 Apr 2009)      5 stars

your the shit by the way.
awesome mix
and i will see you in tennesse
Ryan Flyin (Tue 21 Apr 2009)      5 stars

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UK/Happy Hardcore

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