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Added: 06/04/2012
Styles: UK/Happy Hardcore, Drum & Bass
Downloads: 101
Filesize: 265.26 mb
Duration: 115:41
Bitrate: 320 kbit/s

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D-tor & ill.no1z - threehundredandsixtyone
Devastate & Stormtrooper - Battle of the Mind [Upspring Digital - UPRDIGI002]
Harry H - Let's Rock [Relentless Energy - RENRG007]
S3RL & Kato - Crazy Ass Bitch [Relentless Digital - RLNTDIGI073]
w/ S3RL Ft. J Bigga - Line Of Blow [Hardcore Energy]
Bridson, DJ Kev, & Gary H - O.M.G [Golduzt; Rave Essentials - FREE]
JTS - Psychedelic [JTS Recordings - JTS016]
Shoujo - Electrokore 101 [Audio Weaponry - AW007-A]
Healthy & Tasty - Libertas [FREE]
Robbie-S - Welcome To Zombieland [Make Some Noise]
Little Fella - Only I Can Do It [Relentless Digital - RLNTDIGI082]
Randy Mortimer - Penguin (Pinnacle Remix) - [Stamina Records - STM003]
Cruze & Breahs Ft. MC Frishon - Rave Rocker [Trackmaster Music - TMMCD001]
Blitzer & Tom Revolution ft. Cotts - Oh My Dishes [Future Generation of Hardcore 2; Trackmaster Music - TMMD047]
Michael Mansion - Places We Go Through (Fracus Remix) [Hardcore Underground - HUDIGI007]
Fracus & Darwin - Moment 2 Moment (Nu Foundation Remix) [Hardcore Undground - HUAACD001]
Nu Foundation - In Your Head (Doofus da Dingo Remix) [CDR]
Shadow Feat. Marie Louise - Time After Time (Rhythmics Remix) [Betamuse - BEMU009]
Re-Con & Demand Feat. Mandy Edge - No Way Back [Twista Records - TWA01]
Heaven 7 Vs. Al Storm - Dance With Me (Breakbeat Mix) [CLSM - CLSMW023]
Dain-Ja Ft. Mel - Here Beside Me [Rush Delivery Free - RUSHFREE004]
Cynix Ft. Kelly C - Hold On Tight (Reese Remix) [Hardcore Underground - HUDIGI002]
Emile Sande - Heaven (StrifeII Liquid Drum & Bass Remix) [CLSM - FREE]
Eamon Breaks - Seventh City [FREE]
Bustrexx - Carless (Ft. LIGHTS - Siberia) [FREE]
Matt Lastname - Coke Dub [CLSM - CLSMW021]
RosbergII - Ruled [CLSM - CLSMW018]
DJ Entity - When We Find Akanoyo (Entity & CLSM Remix) [CLSM - CLSMLW012]
Sash Dee Ft. Ellie - Always & Forever (DJ Shimamura Remix) [Bassface Recordings - BFR037]
Nagi Yanagi - japanese text (Laser Imouto Rinon n' Bass Remix) [japanese text ED - FREE]
typeMARS - Rapture (typeMARS Remix) [typeMARS - Gensokyo Mix EP 3 - FREE]
cobalt green - japanese text (J-Core Remix) [For You Sounds - A-Remix Nation Vol.2 - FREE]
so-fram*c - Escape (japanese text Remix) [D.S.K Recordz - AKAMATSU HARDCORE EP - SPD004 - FREE]
Kors K - Smooch (Audio Warfare & Spirit Wolf's Feelin' Good Remix) [CDR]
JAKAZiD - Heffalump Hardcore 2010 [Allkore Riot Kontrol - Saturday Morning Coretoons]
Tao H - Oblivillion [seqtion: 05 - FREE]
Substanced - The Infection (RAF Remix) [FINRG - When The World Collapses]
Angels of Darkness - The Scorpion King (Weapon X Remix) [Hardcore Blasters - HM2778]
Scott Brown - The Old To The New [Cloud 9 Dance - Forze Records - FORZE031]
DJ Marc Smith and Re-Con - STOMP (DJ Marc Smith and Darwin Harder Mix) [Notorious Vinyl - NOTV011]
Art Of Fighters Ft. Nikkita - Symphony Of The Dead [Traxtorm Records - TRAX0081]

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