DJ Shnootz - Click to view profile DJ Shnootz - There Is Hope
Added: 25/11/2011
Styles: Acid, Euro/German Hard Trance
Downloads: 113
Filesize: 124.02 mb
Duration: 54:11
Bitrate: 320 kbit/s

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What's up!

So, here is a mix of epic, acid-infused melodic trance, similar to my Conflagration and Tracing the Path sets, but also including a hint of the uplifting sound of my A Sense of Wonder mix. Bottom line, the set is melodic acid trance, and it’s epic! Please enjoy!


PS, the sample which I open and end this mix with is taken from a ridiculous old-school sci-fi movie, called “It Conquered the World” (which “it” never actually does in the film, incidentally). However, while the film is indeed laughable – it concerns an alien that looks like a pickle trying to take over the Earth – it still has some memorable, even epic lines. As such, I use one long speech and a few other quotes from the movie in this mix, and to listen to them, you would never know the movie is so ridiculous. And while I have one or two qualms about some of the lines in the speech, such as the comment about humanity being the “best in the universe” (with my counter-remark being that we simply don’t know what’s out in the depths of the galaxy, never mind the universe at large, so such a statement cannot be made with any degree of certainty, and in any case, a criterion of evaluation would have to be specified), I do nevertheless think the speech is great and epic, indeed.

[Sample from It Conquered the World]
Pablo Gargano – The Secret Spice – Eve [White]
David Craig – Come On (Sabrina’s Sofa Mix) – Eve
Pablo Gargano – Bundu Tundu – Eve
Pablo Gargano – My Nightmare – Eve
Pablo Gargano – The Stranger – Eve
Pablo Gargano – Rio (Maracas Mix) – Eve
Pablo Gargano – Bouncing Happy – Eve
Pablo Gargano – F__k Me – Eve
Pablo Gargano – With the Rhythm – Eve
Bass Driver – Another World (Brave Voyager Remix) – Karmic [White]
Formic Acid – Acid Dreams – ZXY [White]
[Sample from It Conquered the World]

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