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Added: 24/09/2011
Styles: Acid, Trance
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Filesize: 146.65 mb
Duration: 64:04
Bitrate: 320 kbit/s

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Hey, everyone!

So, continuing the theme from my last mix, here is a set of glorious, melodic, and even happy acid trance. Don’t get me wrong – it’s got some kick, and is decently fast – but the melodies in this one are epic, and often uplifting and happy (much more so than in Conflagration, even). Bottom line, this is some great, emotional acid trance. The quotes, by the way, are all from an episode of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. Anyway, please enjoy!

Peace for now,


Pablo Gargano – Graceland – Eve [White]
Bass Driver – Another World (Timeless Mix) – Karmic
Pablo Gargano – Everything is Going Extremely Well – Eve
Three ‘N One – Reflect (Chris Liberator Remix) – FFRR
The Secret – Mad Munk – Secret
Pablo Gargano – Trance in Saigon – Eve
Intrance – Mosquito (Perplexer Remix) – Urban
Pablo Gargano – Everyone’s Future – Eve
Choci – M25 (Double Drop Mix) – Public House
Pablo Gargano – Ready to Fly – Eve
The Secret – Gorgeous (Orgasm Mix) – Logic

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My mistake! I forgot to include my favorite track in this mix, Pablo Gargano's On a Deep Tip. It is the third track in the mix, right before Everything's Going Extremely Well.

Yeah, my bad, I didn't even realize I had left a track out when compiling the list! Anyway, it is called On a Deep Tip, and man, is it ever good! (And I might remark that the Sagan clip that I added to various parts of it makes it even better....... :)

Peace for now,
DJ Shnootz (Sat 8 Oct 2011)    DJ Shnootz's website  

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