DJ D-tor - Click to view profile DJ D-tor - rAmen Break Episode 94 (22 February 2017)
Added: 02/03/2017
Styles: UK/Happy Hardcore, Other Hardcore
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Duration: 68:08
Bitrate: 320 kbit/s

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GREETINGS! D-tor here bringin you' anoTHER rAmen Break episode! This time, it's a fairly tamer mix, with songs played out longer and general sweet happiness spread around. One track was taken out but it's kay cuz there's a different remix later in the mix, I guess Google only hated the other one.

One episode away from the Four Year Anniversary event now, it's gon be a thing. Stay tuned for an announcement.

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0:00 Capturelight - Butterflies Again
4:01 fhán4 - 青空のラプソディ (Maji Yabakune Remix)
7:02 どうぶつビスケッツ×PPP - ようこそジャパリパークへ (sakuramodki J-Core Remix)
11:28 Mitomoro - LOVELY x COMET
14:51 Aqours - 青空Jumping Heart (sakuramodki Remix)
17:52 Callie Reiff & Ronaissance - Tin Machine (Empyrean Tears Remix)
19:53 Round Wave Crusher - DALE!! (Bootleg)
25:00 どうぶつビスケッツ×PPP - ようこそジャパリパークへ (3R2 Japari-Core Remix)
27:45 S3RL ft. Sara - Techno Kitty (ViolonC short Remix)
28:53 you - Honey Pallet (Toy Box)
31:52 you ft. nayuta - I My Me Mine!
34:57 kiraku - toast.girl
36:26 星空のメモリア - Kaleidoscope (Lemon Beads J-Core Remix)
40:28 Eufonius - アレセイア (dotη Hardcore Edit)
42:34 M-Project & Riko - Luv U More
46:13 you - Dawn (TANUKI Remix)
49:53 Mike Foyle - Shipwrecked (WK9 Rekt Mix)
52:04 ゆきやんまる - みっくちゅじゅーちゅさわー
53:45 dotη - Atomic Dropper (Acro & YUKIYANAGI Remix)
57:22 Chris Silvertune ft. Anja - Keys In Tokyo (Norex UK Hardcore Remix)
59:34 Virtual Riot - Never Let Me Go
1:01:43 Hommarju vs DJ Noriken - ONIGIRI
1:03:35 ゆきやんまる - ガヴリールドロップキック (BPM175→200 Bootleg)
1:04:34 StereoType - Hit Me

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