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DJ D-tor - Click to view profile DJ D-tor - rAmen Break Episode 54 (11 March 2015)
Added: 13/03/2015
Styles: UK/Happy Hardcore, Other Hardcore
Downloads: 106
Filesize: 158.75 mb
Duration: 69:11
Bitrate: 320 kbit/s

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DJ's Comments
Hello good friends, happy March! I hope daylight savings didn't hurt you too much! In any case, it is I once again, D-tor, and I've got another rAmen Break Episode for you lovely people. The two year anniversary of rAmen Break is next episode! Get hype! No details on that yet, but it's all hush hush super secret rare oogie boogie hackaloogey. By that I mean I have no idea how D-Luc-D and I are gonna pull anything off, haha.

The mix itself starts off with some Japanese Drum N Bass, moving into UK Hardcore, crazy bassdriven J-Core tracks (like dubcore but cooler???), followed by Japanese Freeform, some classic cheesy J-Core, a break from the chaos with some Future Bass, launching into some Japanese Gabber to close out the mix.

Have a wonderful day!

So which one of you is the feudal lord and which one of you is the handmaiden? Cuz I need to know who wears the chainmail in the relationship.


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Last Modified: 13 Mar 2015 by DJ D-tor

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