DJ D-tor - Click to view profile DJ D-tor - rAmen Break Episode 26 (13 December 2013)
Added: 14/12/2013
Styles: UK/Happy Hardcore, Other Hardcore
Downloads: 120
Filesize: 156.15 mb
Duration: 68:11
Bitrate: 320 kbit/s

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DJ's Comments
Happy Friday the 13th, J-Core fans! I hope your day was terribly unlucky, because this mix is sure to get you in that weaaboouu mood. I, DJ D-tor, have prepared this mix with Breaks, Bass, and Gabber, so please enjoy.

This is going to be the last episode of the year for me. I'm not planning a Christmas special.. if you really want to hear Christmas J-Core just put Merii Chrisumasu Mr. Lawrence on repeat and you're golden. See you in January!


YouTube: http://youtu.be/h4he7JqET7c
MixCloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/djdtor/ramen-break-episode-26-13-december-2013/

nnn - Rough Sea [NIZIGEN COMP - 2DCC-003 - Kantai Collection Arrange Compilation - FREE]
Asterisk - Sunset Of Snow [FREE]
Banvox (feat. Core Mc) - Open Your Eyes (Original Mix) [Attack The Music - Frequency Blitz - FREE]
nanobii - Sugar Rush [FREE]
Phenex - Coreby [FREE]
Epsilon - Soaring Witches [Touitsu Recordings - AniCore - TIR004 - FREE]
Synagi - Nasuno Takamiya [For You Sounds - A-Remix Nation 9 Disc 2 - FREE]
TSF Project - お願い!シンデレラ (IceCreamSandWitch Bootleg) [FREE]
MUZIK SERVANT - FIINE SOUL [For You Sounds - A-Remix Nation 9 Disc 2 - FREE]
Nepuripi - The Binding of Wahhei [Wahhei Records - WRA-007 - Hardcore Holic 2013 - FREE]
wellow - Summer Memories [Wahhei Records - WRA-007 - Hardcore Holic 2013 - FREE]
わか・ふうり・すなお - Trap of Love (Freezer's Bootleg Mix) [FREE]
Reizoko CJ - Cosmos The R Machine [Radioactive Hardcore - Energetic Hardcore Monsters - RAHC033 - FREE]]
anubasu-anubasu vs π3 - Make Some Noise!! [Radioactive Hardcore - Energetic Hardcore Monsters - RAHC033 - FREE]
Kether - Catastrophe [Radioactive Hardcore - Energetic Hardcore Monsters - RAHC033 - FREE]
Soleily - fretfulness [Radioactive Hardcore - Energetic Hardcore Monsters - RAHC033 - FREE]
Kobaryo - もしもハードコアがホテルの従業員だったら [NIZIGEN COMP - 2DCC-001 UNGLAND - FREE]

Last Modified: 14 Dec 2013 by DJ D-tor

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I remember running the video game remix comp that phenex entered with coreby, he came second.
awesome tune
downloading the mix now dude, thanks
shades (Sun 15 Dec 2013)      5 stars

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