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After 13 years of delivering free and fresh electronic music to the people of the internet, we have made the incredibly hard decision to shut our website down.
Thank you to all who have supported us over the years, we would not have kept going this long if it weren't for your generous donations.

30 June 31 July 2017 will be our last day so you still have 4 more days to browse/download our content.

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DeeJay Dan Techno Hard House/NRG UK/Happy Hardcore Euro/German Hard Trance S3RL Fez Trance Disco Robbie4Ever craigyb Mantello ViperStar Tech House House DJ Shnootz Acid Matty StyLes stey DJ Mumbles Arachno Psy-Trance Steve Surreal Dubstep AISofficial Hardstyle Drum & Bass Progressive hardtonic Euromix Sarov 139 part 1 [2013] Nu-Rave Westrance Not Listed Electro Ephex DJ Skicks John Geary Ikki Breaks Trance Kingdom 122 Freeform/Hardcore Other Hardcore Gabber DJ D-tor UK Hard Dance

New Mixes

Baty - Twilight Zone Baty - Twilight Zone
Style(s): Psy-Trance
Meta: 52:15, 71.8mb, 192k/bits
Added: 26/07/2017

Baty - What Time Baty - What Time
Style(s): Psy-Trance , Not Listed
Meta: 63:08, 86.73mb, 192k/bits
Added: 26/07/2017

DJ Shnootz - Mouthing Off DJ Shnootz - Mouthing Off
Style(s): Acid , Techno
Meta: 42:00, 96.12mb, 320k/bits
Added: 25/07/2017

DJ Shnootz - One Step Ahead DJ Shnootz - One Step Ahead
Style(s): Acid , Techno
Meta: 46:17, 105.94mb, 320k/bits
Added: 25/07/2017

DeeJay Dan - Deep In My Soul 40 [2017] DeeJay Dan - Deep In My Soul 40 [2017]
Style(s): House
Meta: 60:46, 139.07mb, 320k/bits
Added: 22/07/2017

DJ Shnootz - A Generation Ago DJ Shnootz - A Generation Ago
Style(s): Acid , Euro/German Hard Trance
Meta: 31:39, 72.45mb, 320k/bits
Added: 20/07/2017

DJ Shnootz - Changing the World DJ Shnootz - Changing the World
Style(s): Acid , Techno
Meta: 53:51, 123.27mb, 320k/bits
Added: 17/07/2017

Baty - Naamat Baty - Naamat
Style(s): Psy-Trance
Meta: 70:11, 96.42mb, 192k/bits
Added: 12/07/2017

DJ Shnootz - The Cosmos Is Yours DJ Shnootz - The Cosmos Is Yours
Style(s): Acid , Ambient
Meta: 76:03, 174.07mb, 320k/bits
Added: 12/07/2017

DJ Shnootz - Deeper Waters DJ Shnootz - Deeper Waters
Style(s): Acid , Ambient
Meta: 76:34, 175.25mb, 320k/bits
Added: 12/07/2017

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UK/Happy Hardcore

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