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Okidam Okidam
Michigan, United States of America

Last Seen: 18 Jan 2015
Member Since: 12 Oct 2011

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I spin anything from Freeform, Upfront & Happy Hardcore to Breakbeat Hardcore & Jungle, a little hardstyle or other silliness thrown in for fun, anything goes! If its banging, I'm bumpin' it!

I can't help but be picky when it comes to my dj sets. I want there to be a flow of as much energy as possible. If it is a meh track, I'm not going to bang it (of course what is trash to one may be another man's audial treasure ^_~ ) I don't like songs to linger unless it brings something to the table later that is worth it. I try to take you on a journey, up and down, frenzy to serene, and back again. I may succeed. I may fail. However, I'm having a blast while doing it, so whatever goes man! Anything goes funkin' 'ardcore yo!

Also, Ive been making music since i was a teenager, and finally around 2003 i switched to making dj-oriented tracks (right around when i started learning to dj).
You can also check me out on ^_^

My Mixes 5 mixes, 5 hours, 0.66 gb

Deadworld 6 Plus
better than never
Science of Ardcore
Funkin 'Ardcore
Lost In Ardcore

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Gym Mix 4

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