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Sacramento, United States of America

Last Seen: 17 Nov 2014
Member Since: 10 Jul 2010

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About Me
Aspiring DJ. I really want to learn how to not only mix all the styles, but learn how to mix them together. Seamlessly.

Mixes on the Numark Mixdeck either with or without DJ software.

21 years old

My Mixes 109 mixes, 105 hours, 14.12 gb

rAmen Break Episode 47 (5 November 2014)
rAmen Break Episode 45 (24 September 2014)
rAmen Break Episode 44 (10 September 2014)
Birthday Mix 2014
rAmen Break Episode 42 (13 August 2014)
Hardcore Summer Bash 2014
rAmen Break Episode 40 (9 May 2014)
Vibez 2 Da Core
Summer Solstice 2014
Lucky Lotus Online Music Festival 4
D-tor B2B D-Luc-D - D-Hyphenated Train (rAmen Break Episode 37) (28 March 2014)
rAmen Break Episode 36 (21 March 2014)
rAmen Break Episode 35 (14 March 2014)
Nakura's §¢R​@​P Album Mix
rAmen Break Episode 29 (24 January 2014)
rAmen Break Episode 27 (10 January 2014)
Winter Solstice
rAmen Break Episode 26 (13 December 2013)
DJ D-tor - rAmen Break Episode 25 (6 December 2013)
London Sounds Exposed 200 Guest Mix
rAmen Break Episode 24 (22 November 2013)
rAmen Break Episode 22 (8 November 2013)
rAmen Break Episode 20 (18 October 2013)
Jordesuvi Presents
GoPro Hardcore! 2
GoPro Hardcore!
rAmen Break Episode 14 (30 August 2013)
rAmen Break Episode 13 (23 August 2013)
Sessions Digital - Set 14
rAmen Break Episode 11 08.09.13
DI.FM Summer Of Hardcore 2013
rAmen Break Episode 10 07.26.13 (ft. DJ Hellfury)
rAmen Break Episode 9 07.19.2013
Justice Friends
rAmen Break Episode 8 (Extended Mix)
Serotonin Symphony - Vol. 1 - D-tor Mix
Sessions Digital - Set 13
Freeform Mix
J-Core Mix
UK Hardcore Mix
rAmen Break Episode 6 05.09.2013
rAmen Break Episode 2 04.04.2013
DJ Jason P Tribute
Unfinished Business
Doujin Dance Second Strike
Gammers & Mash
Doujin Dance Radio Debut Event
One Hardcore
I Hate Hardcore
Hardcore Resistance
Cuzceb's Bootlegs
The Camzor Appreciation Mix
The Breaks Spectrum
Sessions Digital - Set 12
Sessions Digital - Set 11
Antleronio's Magical Japanese Adventure Into Rainbow Butts
DI.FM Hardcore Summer Event 2012
Hard Is My Style
Downloads Folder
Truly A No Effort Mix
Hazed And Hybridized
HHC Submission 2
Gammer's Head Drawn In Paint
The Royal Sampler
Couch Mix
Sessions Digital - Set 10
Sessions Digital - Set 9
Free As Any Daughter
It Is Sad, Shingo!
Half Hour Of Power Vol. 1
Sessions Digital - Set 8
D-tor B2B ill.no1z - Crunchwrap Supreme
Sessions Digital - Set 7
The Hardcore Highlights
Sessions Digital - Set 6
IDGAF Vol. 1
Close To The Edge Collective
Suicidal Uguuuuu~
D-tor B2B ill.no1z - Coremance San
Skeets Shooter
The Lost Mix
D-tor B2B ill.no1z - Coremance Ni
Stop Breakin' Shit and Chill Out
Up To Expectations
Sunday Afternoon
D-tor B2B ill.no1z - Coremance Ichi
Hardbass Warfare
Sessions Digital - Set 5
Sessions Digital - Set 4
D-tor B2B ill.no1z - Keepin' It Clean
Natsu Yasumi
J-Core SANITY!?!
D-tor's HHC Submission
Dark Of The Light [Hardstyle/Hands Up!]
That Fear Of Love
Moar Hardcore
K12 Studios Tribute Mix
HUC - Pop (Mix 1)
Hardcore Badass 'Redux'
Veterans' Day Celebration
Sessions Digital - Set 3
Not That Hard
Sessions Digital - Set 2
Sessions Digital - Set 1

Featured Mix

Mix 54 - Hardcore Summer 2014
UK/Happy Hardcore

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