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Azzy D Azzy D
barnsley, United Kingdom

Last Seen: 24 Oct 2010
Member Since: 2 Sep 2010

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About Me
Well dont know what to put in this part ha so here goes.. First got into dance music in 92 when i was a youngen. My dad used to listen to rock, things like acdc etc so i used to like them. don't know how it came about (i think i found it in the street) but i ended up with my first kenny sharpe tape. i hit the play button n wow that was it i was hooked. it was on non stop for about a year as that was my only tape and being only 8 i didnt have a clue were to get them from. Eventually i ended up with more tapes from uprising, sy , dougal, Hixxy then all the commerical bonkers stuff, helter skelter tapes etc. Then as i got a bit older, i got into trance, hard house,speed garage but hardcore will always be my 1st love.

Now recently ive decided to have a go at dj'in my self, just at home at the mo as a hobby. wouldnt mind having a go at doing it properly but thats were u guys come in. I used vdj for the 1st few mixes on here but now ive got some kam khds and djx750 mixer so the rest are from me decks..

Ive made a page on facebook, a you tube channel, soundcloud account and of cousre this one. also set up like kinda label thing to put our mixes on and hopefully our tracks one day called mango music that me and another lad come up with.. hes name frantikore all links are below. So if anyone listens to any of these could you please take time to leave any comments either good or bad. Constructive critiscm is welcomed as it will tell me my weaknesses or if i should just give up and not bother lol.. But if you do like them then please add ya comments. and like our pages and join our groups.. its all about confidence building at minute.

The genres i do really depend on my mood i mostly do uk hardcore and bounce but i mix trance now n again and over last few days took a liking to electro and house music. Ive kinda liked them for years but not as much as i have recently. So i think i will be doing some electro mixes too.

links for my pages are below.. thanks aswell for taking time to listen n please leave feedback positive or negative.. also were guna set a mango music account for our mixes we do 2geva on here so u can search for that too.

facebook page for mango music ( Azzy D & Frantikore)

Azzy D Facebook Page is

Frantikore Facebook page is

facebook group is!/group.php?gid=150132631667756&ref=mf

soundcloud is

you tube is

My Mixes 9 mixes, 5 hours, 0.46 gb

15min hardcoreminimix
2nd Bounce mix
14min hardcore mix 6 tunes
UK Hardcore
Trance mix
Bounce/Donk mix

Featured Mix

UK/Happy Hardcore

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