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Arachno Arachno
Zurich, Switzerland

Last Seen: 13 Aug 2016
Member Since: 3 Apr 2008

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About Me
The music business will NOT be longer my employer ;-)

So if you wanna share a mix, do it. if you are a radio station and wanna send one, do it.
there is just one condition: they are my mixes and not done by any other artist. so don't fake the details.

thanks for more than 20 years of support. i will still be active, but only as a hobby musician.


The short History
Written by mm 2010-11-06

On February 2nd 1992 Alan found the Electronic Music. He stopped playing HipHop and ItaloDance to concentrate on new projects..

Starting January 1993 he had big support by Thorsten Fenslau, producer of acts like “Culture Beat”.

In 1994 he became his first bigger bookings at events like “White Wolf”, “Rave Generation” and Germany’s “Hardcore Selection”, where he get one of the rare resident jobs,

1995 was definitively a successful year for Alan. He becomed resident on legendary “Beatmasters” in UK, by “Lucertolas Rave”, “RaveGarden” and “Magic Factory” in Switzerland. He also played for first time at events like “Odyssey” and in Clubs like “Priviledge” Ibiza and “CamdenPalace” in London. His first own Tracks were released… really a big move for this young talent

In 1996 he could see the result. Gigs for Organizations like “X-Tatic”, “Inka Imperio” and more. Sets ont events like “Hardcore Heaven” and “Gladostone”. He became the first external act releasing a record on UK’s Hardcore Label “DarkSkull Records”.

The “LoveParade” in Berlin was the height of 1997. He became also resident at “Plutonium” and “Markthalle”. In this year, another history was also born -] “Goliath Part 1” was on 14th of June in eastern Switzerland. On same weekend the “Unique’97”-Festival for 3 days.

In 1998 a big honour for Alan -] “Cocorico Plastic World Tour” and as follow up the “Yves Saint Laurent LiveJazz Tour” He also played for first time at famous “MAD club” and at monthly “Trancentral” in London. Together with an old Canadian friend, he started the successful techno-project “PPS” on “PrimeUK”.

The last year of 20th century was a new chance for Alan. He became Resident at “SKY Club” in Zurich. He also played first time for “Ministry of Sound”, “Olympia Club” in France and “candy’s” in US.

The begin of 21st century was especially -] South America Tour with gigs at “Mar del Tekkno” in Argentina and “tekmove” in Brazil. Also Portugal was for the first time interested. He played for his House-project “Alan G.” at Portugal’s biggest electronic festival “DanceFields”.

In the years 2002 to 2003 he get more experiences on events and clubs like “Electric Fever” (US), “Aquasplash” (GR), “AND” (F), “T-Sound” (CDA), “X-Ternal” (UK), “Musicdrome” (D) and more. He get Resident at “Triebwerk” (CH) and “NIAXA-Club”…

2004 was a crazy year. He found back to his hardcore-side. He started again to play oldskool sets for “Hardcore Da Struck”, “High Hardcore Society” and “Goliath”. He also founded with an Italian partner the Hardstyle project “HighQualityHardstylers”. He get member on “Italian Masters of Hardstyle”

The year 2005 should be a black part of this history. Alan stopped most of his projects and will only look forward to realize his loveliest styles. He only plans some 'goodbye-gigs' by using the old project names. That means the end for names like Coq-Eye-N (Overdose), HighQualityHardstylers (Hitland), Brothers of Hardbass (EAM), Dark Skull Project (DarkSkullRec), Metamph (eve) and others…

He also stopped playing as DJ exceptional charity events and/or for good friends.

My Mixes 97 mixes, 113 hours, 8.81 gb

Coq-Eye-N live in Freiburg July 2016 first part - themoreorlessremixedsetathome
Coq-Eye-N Guest Mix For Jorge May 2016
MeminiOrcinianus - FuneralMarch 2015
Arachno - guest mix for mark feb 2016
Alan Camden - Techno meets Acid - guest mix for Eddie - Jan 2016
Alan Camden - Live at Somnium Jan 2016
Coq-Eye-N Guest Mix for Guy Dec 2015
Alan G - guest mix for Ali 105 Italy Dez 2015
Coq-Eye-N Guest Mix For Marcus Nov 2015
Coq-Eye-N T-Sound Special Okt 2015
Coq-Eye-N Guest Mix for Pete July 2015
Alan G - a trip on techhouse - guest mix for jessica - july 2015
Coq-Eye-N Guest Mix for Ellis Summer Special July 2015
Coq-Eye-N TranCentral Charity Radio Show Feb2015
Coq-Eye-N When F---NG DROPS TAKE OFF - Dec2014
AdriansJourney - mixed Nov2014
Coq-Eye-N Guest Mix for Ed Oct 2014
SpontaneousSet for Ethnosphere - Oct2014
Alan G - 4 HouseCreators Sept 2014 snipped for audio-cd
YearsSelection - 2004 - mixed 2014
YearsSelection - 2003 - mixed 2014
YearsSelection - 2002 - mixed 2014
YearsSelection - 2001 - mixed 2014
YearsSelection - 2000 - mixed 2014
YearsSelection - 1999 - mixed 2014
YearsSelection - 1998 - mixed 2014
YearsSelection - 1997andearlier - mixed 2014
Alan G - 4 GrooveYards August 2014
Coq-Eye-N TheLostMelodySpecial for Eric - August 2014
Coq-Eye-N Live at RheinTrance Mai25th2014
Alan Camden - Guest Mix for Tom April 2014
Alan G - House Guest Mix 4 Ed March 2014
Coq-Eye-N Guest Mix Kiss March 2014
Coq-Eye-N FEAL IZ - The Trance Handling Feb 2014
Alan G - FEAL IZ - The EDM Handling Feb2014
Alan G - FEAL IZ - The House Handling Jan2014
Coq-Eye-N FuneralMarch2013
Coq-Eye-N TranCentral Tribute 2013
AlanCamden at SummerKickOff2013
arachno 4 delight records 1999
Arachno meets Fantasy 1996 -based-on-acid-liveset-
DJ Arachno Nov.´95 -Happy-
DJ Arachno #1 1995
DJ Arachno #19 1995 -acidtrance-
DJ Arachno #20 1996 (A-Side Gabbersystem B-Side Breakthebeat2)
DJ Arachno #23 -London meets Goa-
DJ Arachno -Breakthebeat1-
Arachno & Simple #2 1996 -Hardcore Heaven Part 1-
Simple & Arachno #3 1996 -303
Simple & Arachno #1 1996_
DJ Foxx aka Obsession meets DJ Arachno aka Alan G. 1999 -live@chill up
DJ Arachno -live@Apple Sky 2000
DJ Arachno 1997 -EDM Part 1
DJ Arachno #30 1996 -Flatline
DJ Arachno #28 1996 -Zencentricity
Alan G -live@Hagenacher 7.99-House Classics 98-99
live whereeveritwas 2000
Live at The first strike - Prog 10-2001
Live at Streetparade 2000
Live at SKY Club 1999
Best of beach - Beatmasters2002
Alan G - What I feel 2000
Alan G - TribalDub 2001
Alan G - Tribal House on NERVOUS decks 2000
Alan G - House Nov 1999
alan camden aka arachno vs freezer - orgelspiel 1999
memini orcinianus 2013
best of drizzly-fuer-id-hose2009
DeeFairEnd - SohmFeengDeeFairEnd - Dec2012
alan camden - can U hear the story 2012
coq eye n - on the road again
alan g - bootylicious2 - ahfm jan2012
AlanG - bootylicious - exclusive 4 MoS Radio January 2012
coq-eye-n funeral march 2011
XQlusiveInQontrol4Qdance -THE LAST HQH SET - 2011
winterwarmer2011 - by alan g
no mercy - trancentral jubilee - by coq-eye-n
Alan Camden - antimORAL 2011
Coq-Eye-N - ade2011
coq-eye-n the gallery live set 2010 online
upsANDdowns by AlanCamden
Streetparade weekend 2010
Beat n' Groove 162 by TECTASTIC
Arachno - TranCentral 70 - Mach2010
Alan G - AMI/IMA Charity Special
HQH live sotto SHOCK Torino Italy 2006 without MC
arachno meets coq-eye-n "worlds leading medicine" compilation 2006
arachno live at famous trancentral events - recorded at millenium event
arachno - my future part one
arachno - remember session - mixed 2006
earlyrave/oldskool mixed 2006 by darkskullproject
BeatnGroove152-May2009 by Alan G
arachno live in australia 2003
trancentral61-jun2009-cbc vancouver
trancentral68 - cbc vancouver (also called debbiesessionI)

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