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It all started back from I was growing up watching my dad dj. I use to watch him play vinyls at the greek gatherings. He first taught my brother who picked it up from the age of 14. I used to watch my old man teach my brother and from there on I tried to pick it up by setting up the gear and just playing around.. back then it was vinyls!

The first record players were the technics 1200's. When I turned 15 my dad used to take me with him to the Greek parties to teach me when to start mixing a song. He taught me the real basics which was all I needed to develop my passion for djing.
My Brother started to play with CDs, which I took an instant interest in. I then picked that up and continued on djing.

I still remember the first few tracks of house music that I started to play with.The tracks were: 'The Trouble Within Me', 'Superstylin' & 'One More Time'. From then on, I stuck to my house music and learnt on my own. I didn't have anyone to teach me the ins and outs; I only was shown the real basics from my old man which I have worked hard on to perfect. I have a real passion for everything and anything music.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and I really hope you enjoy my demo. Don't forget to leave some feedback :-)

My Mixes 2 mixes, 1 hours, 0.13 gb

Not for the WEak or the CLean
Dirty as You can GET

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UK/Happy Hardcore

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